Hudbust Survey is Fixing of Boundary Stones in a Survey Number. It is also known as Boundary Survey. It is carried out by Survey Department, according to Section 131,137,140 of Karnataka Land Revenue Act 1964.

Its very important to have Boundary Stones fixed in your land. It prevents Encroachment of your land from others.

If you feel that some body has encroached a portion of your land or if you want to know the boundary of land as per official survey sketch, then you can apply for Hudbust Survey.

Procedure of Hudbust : –

  1. First you need to apply for Hudbust Survey either through online or offline.
  2. After applying, your application will be allotted to a Licensed Surveyor or a Government Surveyor in Survey Department.
  3. Notices will be served to the owner and the neighbours of the land. Notice will contain the date of Survey.
  4. Surveyor surveys the land as per Official Survey Sketch, and then identifies the Boundary Points of a land.

In case if somebody has encroached your land, Surveyor will prepare a sketch & report on total extent of encroachment, showing its dimensions in meters.

With this sketch and report, you can go to Tahsildar for removal of encroachers from your land. Based on report given by Surveyor, the Tahsildar will evict the encroachers from your land.

Validity of Hudbsut Sketch :-

It is valid for only 6 months. After 6 months if you feel the need to do the survey again. You can apply a fresh application.

Documents you require to apply for Hudbust Survey :-

  1. Aadhar card of land owner
  2. Latest Pahani or RTC of land.
  3. Names and Contact Numbers of neighbours of your land.

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